About Us


Kotson started its operations in early 2005… and started with Staffing and Recruitment for corporate in the IT industry and after forming a strong acumen and domain team in the industries like BFIS, Manufacturing/Engineering, Pharam, Sales, Hospitality, Health. We have move into different industries with defining new standards in Recruitment, Consulting, Training, and Branding.
The activities of Kotson IT encompass consultancy, software development and training. The company possesses experience and skills to design, develop, deploy and maintain to large projects. Kotson strength lies in its project management including quality assurance, well-defined maintenance mechanism, and custom built tools and methodologies. Kotson apart from INDIA has operations in USA&UK currently.


To find the right Talent to grow our clients as well as our business


To be the, “Most Preferred Talent Acquisition Partner”, for our clients in the diverse Industries

Our principles:

1 Partnership
2 Integrity
3 Confidentiality / commitment
4 Learn & share knowledge with humility
5 Serve quality at the best
6 Accountability
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